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The WallGarden is an intelligent indoor garden that takes the guesswork and effort out of growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

With The WallGarden, you can grow up to 14 different plants at a time, so you have plenty of room to stock your pantry, garnish your cocktail, or beautify your home!

No Guesswork Gardening

No experience neccesary. The WallGarden is WiFi-enabled and our software guides you through every step. We measure and manage the health of each plant - adjusting lighting and feeding for the best results! You'll only need to refill the water every other week.


No need to get your hands dirty as the plants don't need any fertilizer or soil. The reservoir of the Wallgarden is anti-microbial and is dishwasher safe.

No mess, no runoff, no weeds, and no pests.

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I LOVE rosemary for my dinner recipes, and the WallGarden grows the freshest, most delicious rosemary I’ve ever tasted.

~ Erica White, Charlotte

My fiance loves flowers, but I’m not the best about buying them. I’ve got a WallGarden growing tulips in our own apartment right now. Problem solved.

~ John Terry, Boulder

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