Frequently Asked Questions

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  • question_answerDo I have to buy your seeds?

    No. Although we sell the highest quality, non-GMO seeds, we also understand if you want to plant your own seeds!

  • question_answerAre your seeds organic and non-GMO?

    Yes, you can trust us to only provide you with the best organic seeds. We are on a mission to bring healthy food to peoples' homes.

  • question_answerIs produce from ēdn gardens just as nutritious as organic store bought foods?

    Your greens will be just as nutritious as their store bought counterparts - most likely even more!

  • question_answerIs ēdn committed to sustainability?

    Absolutely. We are a green, anti-waste company that builds products out of sustainable and recyclable material.


  • question_answerWhat plants can I grow in the gardens of ēdn?

    You can grow almost any type of flower, herb or vegetable plant in our gardens. If you choose to plant seeds of a larger plant, keep in mind that you might need to repot the plants when they outgrow your ēdn garden.

  • question_answerHow do plants grow with LEDs?

    Did you know you could even grow plants with candle light (admitted, it wouldn't be too efficient)? Our LEDs provide your plants with an enhanced light spectrum that is optimized for your plants' growth.

  • question_answerHow do plants grow in the soil-less gardens?

    Our awesome dirt-free 'soil' is inspired by NASA technology and provides an optimal living environment for plants. The 'soil' ensures that there's always enough room for your plants to breathe and to retrieve the right amount of water and plant food.

  • question_answerHow often do I need to water the plants?

    You'll only need to refill the water reservoir when you plant the seeds, and then recurringly around every two weeks. You'll know when to refill the water when the blue LED lights up.

  • question_answerCan I overwater the plants?

    Please don't add more than 2 pitchers of water. Overwatering happens when plants can't breath via the soil when it is submerged in water. Our gardens provide just enough water from below, minimizing the chance of overwatering your plants.

  • question_answerWhat kind of water should I use?

    Please only use standard tap water with a normal pH level, or distilled water. Never use 'hard' water, which is common tapwater in the southwestern states. Your plants might turn yellow or won't grow well when you use the wrong water type because the dissolved minerals in the water can block the intake of nutrients.

  • question_answerHow much time does it take caring for my plants?

    It should only take a few minutes each month. After planting your seeds, all you need to do is add water and plant food. And, of course, harvest your delicious foods or beautiful flowers!

  • question_answerHow long can the plants be left alone if I am traveling?

    Most plants can be left alone for around two weeks.

  • question_answerHow do I transplant my plants?

    With our soil-less gardens, you can easily lift the plants out of the tray and transplant without harming any roots.


  • question_answerHow do I set up the SmallGarden?

    Setting up the SmallGarden is super easy! Follow the manual that came in the box, or go to our community forum for more information.

  • question_answerHow much energy does the SmallGarden consume?

    Your SmallGarden uses 12W of power, which is much less than your typical lightbulb!

  • question_answerHow large is the SmallGarden?

    The SmallGarden is 16 x 16 x 6.5 in (410 x 410 x 170 mm)

  • question_answerWhat is the SmallGarden made out of?

    You can read more about the specifications of the SmallGarden here

  • question_answerHow do I maintain the SmallGarden?

    The SmallGarden should not need much maintenance since there is no dirt involved. If you wish to clean the exterior of your garden, simply use a damp cloth. Avoid getting the LEDs wet. The interior parts of the SmallGarden are diswasher-proof.

  • question_answerCan I reuse the SeedPods and Capillary Mat?

    Although you could try, the SeedPods and capillary mat are not intended for reuse. After using them once we recommend you compost them, they are fully biodegradable. You can buy additional SeedPods and Capillary mats in our market.


  • question_answerHow much energy does the WallGarden consume?

    Your WallGarden uses 24W of power, which is much less than your typical lightbulb!

  • question_answerHow do I set up the WallGarden?

    Setting up the WallGarden should only take a few minutes. You'll receive a manual with your shipment, but you can also find instructions here.

  • question_answerHow large is the WallGarden?

    The WallGarden is 32 x 30 x 8 inches and weighs about 10 lbs when empty. Filled with with water, it weighs about 20 lbs. No worries, the bracket that comes with your shipment is rated for 80lb in drywall.. just to be safe! You can find more about the specifications of the WallGarden here.

  • question_answerDo I need to use the mobile app?

    You'll need it to configure the WallGarden. Beyond that the app is optional, but we strongly encourage you use it to optimize your plants' health. It's also a lot of fun to use!

  • question_answerWhat is the WallGarden made out of?

    We use only authentic walnut wood and aluminum live up to our quality and design standards. Inside each shelf there is a durable plastic linear.

  • question_answerHow do I maintain the WallGarden?

    The WallGarden should not need much maintenance since there is no dirt involved. If you wish to clean the exterior of your garden, simply use a damp cloth. Avoid getting the LEDs wet. The interior parts of the WallGarden are diswasher-safe.


  • question_answerDo you ship internationally?

    Right now we only ship to the United States, but we hope to ship to more countries in the future.

  • question_answerHow long does shipping take?

    Shipping will take anywhere between 3-5 business days depending on location.

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